Even Though

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Even though I try to finish
I have much more to accomplish
Something is trying to get out
Something is trying to sprout
Dare I allow it about
Dare I set it free
Something that is
A part of me
Something that is
So keenly she
Even though I have the urges
And when fulfilled my soul it purges
They are not what everyone expects -
Not decent, not innocent, but total decadence
Even though he says he sees
Does he really SEE me
Who am I to him
Who am I to them
Who do they see
Which part of me
Even though I know what I want
I know what I need
Even though I know what I want to do
Where I wish to be
Dare I let it out
Dare I set her free
She is very much
A part of me
Me - I am
So keenly she
Even though there are pieces to me
Together they set my soul free

© 1997 kahtt
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