If Only


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I know I don’t appreciate you
But is it wrong to want more from you
Am I selfish be cause I need more
I crave more
I love you but am not in love with you
I want you but I do not need you
If only you weren’t so right
If only I could fight
This conscience of mine

Take a sip of my wine
But don’t swallow me whole
I need my soul
You demand much of me
But I need to be free
If only you could understand
If only my feet were planted firmly on your land
I do not want to feel responsible

No I can not be sensible
You tried to possess me
It’s not my soul you really see
A body and a mind
That’s me combined
You saw a thing to possess
You began to obsess
If only I could be mean
If only my heart were my spleen
If only I did not need
If only my heart could not bleed

I would conquer you
You would suffocate me
© 1997 kahtt
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