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It’s my nature
To be any flavor
You want, my sweet
I’ll be your feature
Taste and savor
My delicious treat

Be satiated by me.

Leather, satin, silk
Ropes made of these
Bind me to your bed
Drench me in milk
Give my body ease
From my feet to my head

I bow down to you.

Touch me
Tease me
Fuck me

You know what I want
You read me so well
Only you can satisfy me
My dreams you haunt
Chasing me through hell
Setting my passions free

It’s my nature
To be this way
I won’t say
Sorry for who I am.
The animal in me
Likes being free
She is no slaughter’s lamb.
She will never say
Sorry for being this way
It is Her nature.
© 1998 kahtt
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