Whore's Addiction


Whore's Addiction Copyright © 1998-2000 kahtt. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or distribute without the expressed written consent of the author.

She’s addicted to something that is not good for her
-- Yeah she takes it like a drug
She craves the way it makes her feel
-- Yeah she likes the high it gives her

Breathless, Hungering, Wanting More
She’s its obedient whore
Ah, but does she really need it?
-- Why can’t she just sip it?

She’s addicted to the urge that leads her to it
-- Yeah she always gives in
She craves the pleasure derived from it
-- Yeah she lives for sin

Mindless, Longing, Wanting More
She is just its whore
No she doesn’t need it
Oh no, She does not need it

Warm flesh, Full of life
Bodies flushed, Breathless strife
Oh yes she does, she needs it
Yes, she really needs it
© 1998 kahtt
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