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by kahtt

It felt like
a knife
Cutting into
my soul
I feared for
my life
As he plundered
my hole

I never knew
it would be like this
I always expected
sweet sublime bliss

Pain, Anger, Rage, and Hate
Stole my innocence
I am still waiting for them to abate
Leave my presence

Macbeth! Macbeth!
I’m covered in red
Dripping with blood
All over my snow white bed

Defiled and Defeated
Abhorred and Mistreated
I stand alone uncompleted

The Earth - will she shun me?
Turn her back
For what he took
For what I lack?

Maybe She will leave the light on
Mother, leave the light on
For though I gave up my right
Even women need the light

by kahtt

It doesn’t take much
To rip us into pieces
Smash us to bits
And tear us asunder

Even hard glass breaks

And every day
We crucify ourselves
Give up our identities
Act for others

Equality is not ours

We always bounce back
It’s amazing magic that.

One day we will rise up
Hold our own
Show some back bone
But for now
We let them pretend
For now
We condescend
While we plot . . .






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